Maho Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, and accompanies with the trade marks TRADE MAX to all over the world. To construct long-term cooperation relationship with our clients, Maho got reputation from the tapping field that had many exclusive monopolies.

Pneumatic Tapping Machine

Air-driven tapping machine. Compressed air then drives the spindle, which is safe, fast and efficient. Small air pressure can produce large torque output. Compared with other type tapping machines, the weight is much lighter, and it’s convenient to move from place A to place B. The operation is simple, if inexperienced, just follow the steps in the operation manual to use.

Electric Tapping Machine

Power-driven tapping machine. Different spindle design from pneumatic tapping machine. Maho design the simplifies operation. Advance and retreat mode is changed to a single button operation, green key advances, red key retreats. It became easily operate and improves the tapping efficiency. The volume of electric tapping machine in use is much lower than pneumatic type, and the rotational speed can also have more changes. The operation is simple, if inexperienced, just follow the steps in the operation manual to use.

Hydraulic Tapping Machine

Hydraulic hybrid drive tapping machine. The design doesn’t require complex hydraulic pressure and speed adjustment operation control. The design of the spindle advance and retreat is same as electric machine. Maho still design the simplified operation technology, but has high-efficiency tapping ability. Due to the combination of the hydraulic system, it can be used in larger tapping range is required. The operation is simple, if inexperienced, just follow the steps in the operation manual to use

Tapping Machine Accessories

The optional accessories include 90° Various Degree Tapping Device, Auto Reverse Device, Cast Iron Work Cart, Automatic Tap Lubricator System, and Magnetic Base…etc. Improve the efficiency and convenience of the work.

Quick Change Tapping Chuck

Suitable for lathes and milling machines, and can be used with safety clutch or without safety clutch collets for tapping. The body of chuck has telescopic and floating functions, which can help correct the tapping position. There is also optional extended chuck. The user can choose its function and tapping size according to the work needs and work machine.

Quick Change Tapping Collet

An accessory used with tapping spindle and tapping machine, suitable for taps with round and four corners, stirring knives and other tools. It can be subdivided into torsion collets, rigid non-torque collets, and fixed collets. There are various specifications and sizes to choose from. It is a locking device that clamps a tool or workpiece, and its function is to lock the connection between the tool and the spindle. Usually used on drilling and milling machines and machining centers.


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