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Pneumatic Tapping Machine Type AR-16,20,22,24,27

Product ID: AR-16,20,22,24,27

Mainly driven by air pressure. Working range is up to 1100mm, tapping capacity is M3~M27. Can be used for the production of inner hole threads of different sizes. Movable arm design provides the user with an easy and convenient way to operate. According to the working conditions, accessories can also be purchased to achieve multi-functional tapping.

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Product Character

Model AQ-16 AQ-20 AQ-22 AQ-24 AQ-27
For Tap M3 ~ M16 M3 ~ M20 M3 ~ M22 M3 ~ M24 M3 ~ M27
Speed (rpm) 300 150/400 120/300 100/300 70/220
Work Range Rmax 1100mm Rmin 250 mm
Weight (kg) 35 35 35 35 35

Standard Accessories

  • Pneumatic tapping spindle
  • Stretch arm
  • Table mounting column
  • Air unit
  • Air hose
  • Choose any six safety safety clutch tapping adapters

Optional Device

  • 90° and Various degree tapping device
  • TLM-300/TLM-600 Portable&moveable magnetic base
  • TM 800030 Automatic tap lubricator system
  • TM 800032 Cast iron work cart

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